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62 Replies to “Rules”

  1. hi mates, ı am furkanov who ve been oplaying in your servers. so ı want to ask the dc link (the latest one), so ı can reach what is up to. I tried to enter all the links but there was no dc server available. greetings to you all!

    1. As far as i know, all the discord links on this website are working correctly, I have no idea what your issue is here.

  2. im Crazy bacon in-game, i read the rules. i would very much like to try your server.
    Not sure how the bot thing works tbh.

    1. Please use the discord for support, as stated many times on the website and rules.
      This is a comment section, not a help-desk, this is NOT monitored on a regular basis, but more like once a month 🙂

  3. Some disrespectful admins, can’t have a calm conversation and gets angry when you ask a question THEY dont like. You will get banned if you say your side of the story, they dont listen. Some admins have all the skills an admin shouldnt have. An admin should be alpha and not beta, calm and relaxed no matter what.

    If you’re out for a triggerhappy adminbase, this is your server. If not, try a server with a bit more respectful manners, where admins wont flame or being rude to you.

    Some admins are really nice, and women very often does a better job than guys being admins. This was a toxic experience.

    1. Yeah, we can’t cater to every individual. If you can’t accept to behave as expected, you won’t get any love from any admin. No admin has ever been rude to any player playing by the set rules. By OUR interpretation of the rules. not Theirs.

      If a server admin wants something, you do it, and ask questions later. You do that in the discord, not the game-chat, as stated on the website / in the rules. You do not insist that your personal views are correct, and that there should be a special way of treating just you, instead of how we treat everyone.v Not sure if I am remembering you correctly, but you conveniently left out your username, so I can’t even revisit the situation to analyze

      And by the same token, you expect people to adjust to you, to make exceptions, to take time people to see your point of view. How about you give that same courtesy to our mods and admins? They are people as well, with full daily lives, kids, spouses, diseases. Everyone can have a bad day.

      Expecting perfection, just because our mods take on the load of monitoring the server and keeping the peace for free, that’s a bit over the top, right?
      Be a human, treat people like humans. We are not tools. Doesn’t matter if I slap a label saying Mod on you or not.

      I am sorry that you have had a bad experience. A few personality types just don’t seem to fit with us. You seem to have one of those.

      “women very often does a better job than guys being admins”
      That is sexist ^^

  4. Hello, sorry I’m not sure how to join the whitelist, read rules and sounds like a awesome server I’d like to play and really contribute too. Not sure I should really be posting it here for help but not sure where else to do it. Thanks

    1. The standard way would be to join the discord and post your steamid in our #whitelist channel. This invite here will be valid for a day, after that you have to manually find it on our website. Which should be relatively easy, there’s several links 🙂
      It’s a bit slow going now, we’ve stopped advertising for a17 since there’s so many bugs and reduced performance when on a full server. There are plenty of people ‘in principle’ though, just waiting it out *g*

  5. You DEFINITELY want to be a donator, even if you only give a few bucks, the fact that it opens up additional bot commands for you, the ability to port to the bloodmoon bunker to kick ass with pals, porting home to drop loot, etc. This server rocks my socks! No need to ever play anywhere else, they got everything you need if you love pve right here, and the people are amazeballs at building up in this! Word to headcheese, keep it real and come jam with the village people.

    1. SlappyNuts, we appreciate the kind words and donation, but this is the rules forum, these kinds of compliments and feedback are what we need on our discord! Hope we see you in there

      (these comments are engineered by our mod-team and should be seen as an addendum to the rules and code of conduct)

  6. The new bot is amazing and definitely adds to the fun of the server. Our rules have barely changed at all in 2 years and the authentication process is direct, easy to understand, and takes a lot of worry regarding hackers/terrorists out of the picture so the villagers can enjoy their game together even more. Those having trouble have indeed obviously not read the rules (a 3 minute or less investment to play on the best pve server for the game). I mean it clearly states above “finally the password…..” We have a great group and the newest additions are awesome. Obviously the rules are acceptable and people feel safe considering we continue to see dozens of additions to our family from month to month. Admin – great job on the bot, its perfect and keeps getting better. Staff – thanks to all for being helpful and consistently making it a blast to play. Chrani for life!

    1. BazookaTits, we appreciate the kind words and your continued support, but this is the rules forum, these kinds of compliments and feedback are what we need on our discord! See you there soon!

      (these comments are engineered by our mod-team and should be seen as an addendum to the rules and code of conduct)

  7. Hallo, Paul Here

    I use to play on this server long time ago but stopped playing 7dtd. I read the rules and watched the video , but the time I try to join server server keeps saying “you are not on whitelist” Sorry, I don’t think this is the wright place to post this but don’t know were else to post. am not on the discord anymore.

    1. Welcome back Paul. Yeah, we run our own, homemade bot now with a new whitelist system. It’s only down when a mod or admin is online. I’ve added you to the list, you should be able to log in now.

  8. very immature admins. when new players join they immediately begin to taunt you and call you trolls or little kids incapable of reading and following rules. The password procedure is not apparent in the video they have you want and upon reading the rules it does not tell you how to acquire the password to authenticate and get chat unmuted. weirdly cryptic expectations for new members and just outright silly. im 40 years old and just want to play a game. i got to level 4 on another server in the time it took me to read your rules and watch your video. go stuff yourself

    1. I wonder how your behavior could be be viewed as anything else than trolling. Coming online and entering the password takes like ten seconds. If you can’t do it in that time, you didn’t read the rules. Period. You might have thought you’ve read them, but you didn’t. And that’s a fact.

      The password is easy to find. The rules and the bot itself tell you what to do. If that is really too much for you to handle, you should look for another server instead of blaming our procedures, which work very well.

  9. Good evening all!

    I have a little problem leaving the lobby.

    When I enter the lobby after joining and are requested to enter the password, I type it in but still get the message that my chat is muted. I tried all the passwords I found here in the blog’s posts. 🙁

    Maybe someone can help me

    PS: I must excuse myself if this post is at the wrong place!

    1. There was a small problem about this in the past. It is a completely new bot on it’s maiden-voyage ^^

      Notify us on discord about problems with the bot, these comments are rarely monitored and are not for general support ^^

  10. Hello. i love to buld bases and reinovate the shacks.but unfortunatly i am not able to join the server .please let me join.

  11. I had a previous discord account, which I am unable to access (no password recovery page that I can find.) So for the time being I will not be able to access the discord server. I have read the rules and would like to play here, is the discord chat a requirement?

  12. Hey, I just wanted to weigh in on this server, the admin and the moderators. I have been playing on this very same server for almost two years now. From my observations in that near two year period, I’ve noticed that the people who stay, are mature, intelligent people – they want to enjoy the game in a friendly, cooperative way, and are fine with following simple rules that protect the gaming environment. The other group of people – the ones who complain about being banned “for no reason”, typically are immature, impatient, and wanting to cause trouble in some form. They are angered by being thwarted in their efforts to grief, troll and otherwise be asshats. These “rules” are simple things that help prevent server crashes, and prevent our players from being robbed and griefed. That’s it. I have never, ever played on a server where the staff was so focused on making sure the players have a great time. Sometimes that means weeding out the bad elements, who then feel justified in throwing fits in public. From my point of view, this is absolutely the best server I’ve ever played on – period. Give it a try – if you’re one of the intelligent ones, you’ll understand why it’s awesome.

  13. Hey guys, I’d like to start off stating my history on 7DTD, in which would be almost a week now. So this review should be giving you guys a fair unbiased review. I started looking for a server that had the general structure of a community based server with PVE mechanics for me and my group to come and play instead of playing hosted maps. The moment I joined I was greeted with strongly recommendation to read the rules, and with open arms from the admins/mods responding to my general questions in chat, and welcoming me to the community. Once I developed a strong liking towards the server, I introduced my 2 mates to the server, in which from what I’ve heard on discord, they are loving it so far liking the privacy of being able to build and fight isolated from the village, and have the option to migrate into the community village. This was a big deal for us all as we recognised from the story of the server, the law of the server began from 2 mates wanting a place to play themselves with 24/7 access, with welcoming, understanding and professionally managed server. To give you guys a perspective of how loyal the members of this server are, we left a chest full of loot with no land claims, and wouldn’t you know the chest is still their to date… If you guys are looking for a PVE, welcoming and rule based community in which you could trust everything you own with, come and say Hi and experience the server 😀

    Kind Regards,

  14. I really dont get anyones problem with this server its silly, you log in read the rules say hi and confirm you know the rules thats it. Thats what i did and went on my merry way, ive not been really sociable since lol bad few weeks with rl stuff just got on and concentrated on building to take my mind off it. The people are nice and its fun to watch them chat while i work. I will join the village when i feel up to it till then they just let me do my thing but i get the feeling once i feel like joining in they wont have a problem with it.

  15. Alright, I’ve been on this server for a few days and can highly recommend it – If you are a mature player, that is! The regulars are a bunch of extremely friendly and helpful people, some of the builds I see growing are absolutely fantastic and inspiring. I have yet to see an instance of the staff being abusive or “power corrupted” as some previous commenters like to put it.

    The rules are fair and make sense for the most part for a PVE-ONLY server. And the first thing one should do is ask themselves why certain rules are in place at all, instead of bashing them. To all the people bitching here about their bans: Try hosting your own server and try growing a mature community yourselves and then see how “fun” it is to play on an anarcho server with griefers, trolls and crybabies running rampant. 😀

  16. To any player looking to join this server, just don’t, the comments about the rediculous bans are all true, I lasted 10 minutes, and why you ask? Because I didn’t say “Hi” in chat. Yes you read that right, I didn’t say “Hi” and respond to the mods messages because I didn’t see the chat. For a server that seems well organised, it’s moderated by what can only be described as a child with a power stick. Someone who I doubt has any real life responsibility so makes up for it on a game. I’m not going to waste anymore of my free time on this tragic server, I’ll link images below of what too place ingame and on discord to give you a flavour of what you’ll experience. My reason for posting this is not to infuriate the mods/admin, it’s to warn others, I’ll be finding a more friendly server.

    No doubt a mod/admin will reply to this with the excuse of me having a 2200 day old vac ban that’s probably pre-dates when they where conceived as an excuse for being so ban trigger happy. They where happy to let me join after explaining that one, so that’s not a feasible excuse.

    “Removed links here, you were showing information posted of people other than yourself. ever heard of privacy?”

    Again, this isn’t a rage moment, this is a warning to others, the other comments about bans are most likely true, the mod I came across is nothing short of a child waving a stick.

    Good luck!

    1. We were over the VAC ban, that’s why you were on the server. And in your first minutes, you didn’t react to chat, weren’t responding to the mod, who was porting to you four times to get your attention, cause writing in game chat IN BIG LETTERS didn’t work. You were running around doing shit.

      If you feel that was the right approach, then we surely are not the right server for you. So you got banned for eight hours so you can start thinking about if you really fit with us. You didn’t. Glad you found out early on. The rest of us are having a good time for sure, even without you.

      So for everyone out there planning to join us, if you don’t feel a single Hi is appropriate when joining a server, completely new, then go look somewhere else. We won’t hate you for that!

      1. Agreed, if anyone fancies joining this server, I challenge you to last more than 24 hours.

        Also, it’s funny you removed the links to the chat of the arrogance and obnoxiousness of your moderator. Shows you’re embarrassed by what was said.

        Again anyone looking to join this server, I cannot say more strongly, don’t. You’ll disconnect with nothing but a headache and the knowledge that you have met staff what I can only describe as most likely related to the supreme leader of north korea.

        They literally will ban you for farting.

        Hummel signing out! Peace!

        1. I wonder how all the 100+ ppl managed to stay on for almost two years. And funny how the new players are all happy with us.
          But sure, look for the cause of your troubles, look everywhere, just never start to think it might actually be you. And for real, this is a COMMENT section, not a public forum to vent. We have discord for that. You have tried that, didn’t get the response you wanted, and now you are back trolling here 🙂
          I really should close this comment section if it gets abused like this

          “Shows you’re embarrassed by what was said.”
          Shows you didn’t read the reason for the removal.

          No further comments will be allowed on that. You’ve had all the chances. You are just not a good fit for sure.

          1. Anyone who is reading there comments can see you removed the pictures of what happen, so that says everything, I posted that so it could transparent of what you have as moderators on your server. Removing them you are clearly not happy with what was said to me, otherwise, why remove them. Simple.

            And I’ve noticed you’ve obviously asked (or done it yourself as I wouldn’t put it past you) players to post some comments recommending this server since all the other comments are pretty much players who have had the same experience as I did.

            Either way, I agree, I’m not a good fit for sure and I’m glad.


          2. You clearly have zero sense of how to behave or on how to act in a community. What part of “no further comments will be allowed” didn’t you understand? Do you really have to be forced to obey rules? You can’t do it on your own?

            And what you call “clearly” is pretty much “sorry, I’m blind”. You have posted a chat history of someone you didn’t ask for permission. That’s why I removed it. As I said. Nothing to do with being embarrassed. But you seem to see the bad in everyone. (except in yourself)

            And yes, I have asked our happy members to post their side of the story, good or bad.

            Those are the normal people, the responsible people, the kind of people we want to play with. people without trust issues, without need of anger management.

            All follow up comments will be deleted. Seems to be the only way with you, since following rules and guidelines on your own is asking too much.

  17. Hi i was banned for letting a Player through the Lobby ist not my fault he went outside and anyway hes still in the Lobby

    1. Our mods don’t monitor these comments. Please raise all issues and questions on the discord, specially regarding bans ^^

  18. Supposedly banned for not reading the rules and admitting to it…some nazi failed to realise I had said I had read the TL:DR…would ignore admin again, bunch of totalitarian pricks

    1. I was that Nazi. So you see nothing wrong in getting banned after you’ve said you didn’t read the rules, that you don’t need to read rules because you have common sense to not break any rules by default. That totally makes sense. If you have read the rules, you would have known to raise this issue on the discord and not here. And after reading your infantile rant and your chosen colorful language, I feel very right in my decision <3

    1. Only guys who have no idea on how to behave in a civilized manner. There’s a note in the rules to complain about bans ON DISCORD, not here. But then again, coming here and complaining about it proves our point. Seriously, why do people wonder that they get banned if they don’t act by our simple rules? And then break them again to complain here ^^ Good job.

  19. What a bunch of nazis you are! Blocking people for asking a question!!!!! Go fuck yourselves losers!!!!

    1. You are pretty much making our point here. I am 100% certain we do not want someone like you on our server 🙂 Also, it must have been a BAD question, like asking for the password. Anyhow, if we were Nazis, we’d have killed you after working you to near-death. Banning is actually extremely civilized. It will keep you from wasting time on our server, cause you would’ve been banned sooner or later with your attitude.
      Next time you comment here, do use more swearwords and a lot more exclamation marks. Please!

  20. Hi, Guys!

    I cant join server of some reason. Game only try to connect to server, but nothing happend. Is this only my problem or others have same problem? i can connect other servers just fine. Did you ban me or something? =(

  21. Ho ho… et moi qui croyais avoir trouvé un serveur tenu par des modérateurs adultes 🙂 En fait, vous trouverez des modérateurs frustrés avec le doigt sur le bouton du “ban” à l’affut de la moindre question hors charte pour utiliser l’immense et grand pouvoir qui les démanges…

    Faites attention : l’accueil est plutôt sympa et ils vous mettent en confiance et vous encourage même à poser des questions de “noob”. Mais c’est un piège : vous finissez par poser une question dont la réponse est dans leurs régles et là PAF, les petits dictateurs frustrés se soulagent en vous faisant une morale à deux sous 🙂

    Ils sont pathétiques 🙂

    1. Right. What about “English only” and “Don’t ask questions already answered in the rules”. If you are not capable to play on a mature server, following easy and clear rules, we don’t want you. But don’t come back and complain and blame the people enforcing those rules. Our friendly reception was clearly a waste of time since you only care about yourself and what you feel is right. You didn’t hold up your part of the deal. Our moderators did.
      That’s how it works.

      Removed all follow up answers. This is not a forum. There was no new information in them.

  22. new player joined the game with a friend, left the tunnel and then got teleported to the top of the world and kicked within 2 minutes…

    1. Left what tunnel? I can only guess, which I have to cause you failed to include usernames, they left the lobby together with their friend. At the same time. Which is not allowed as stated on those pesky signs one has to read. So they were ported to timeout to explain themselves. Which they probably didn’t, so they got kicked.

  23. realy bad and not anybody helpfull zzz. i asked at the chat so every one read rules read rules. Already this site is amateur. hasnt search menu?_?. where is write leave lobby??????

    1. What would anyone need a search menu for? It’s Done.
      In the lobby there is a sign to leave it swiftly or quickly or something along those lines. But english is required on this server. You seem to speak your own brand of it. It’s not sufficient apparently.

  24. wow got banned leaving the lobby because a regular came through the gate with me. was actually looking forward to playing on this server.

    1. I can’t find a single Murphy anywhere. So I suppose that’s not your playername. Anyhow, there’s a big sign to only leave the lobby separately or getting banned. Which is what happened, according to your own accounts. I can’t check of course, cause… playername. What exactly is your complaint?

    1. Nobody ever got banned for ‘using a mod’. You must have misunderstood something. Most likely case would be ‘not listening or reacting to the mods’. Anyhow, the rules state clearly to address these kinds of things on DISCORD, not as some comment on this website.
      As for your friend, yes, there is an automatic system in place that bans all players currently on the same IP, as they usually know each other and are therefore in the same boat. We germans have a paraphrase for that:

      mitgegangen, mitgefangen, mitgehangen!

      Nobody ever gets banned for nothing. Apart from an occasional mistake. You raising this issue here in the comments gives me a slight idea of why you got banned though ^^

    1. Gawd I love it when people straight up lie. You guys are aware that we can simply look in the logs what really went down, aren’t you?
      You didn’t “go to read the rules and then got kicked”.
      You were chatting and then punched the lobby door and the mod, and you didn’t stop, even after being asked to stop by said mod. Then you got kicked with the message “wasting mods time in the lobby”.

      You are welcome.

    1. If you break the rules, you will get banned. A donation will not magically make you immune to rules. A donation will also not give you preferential treatment of any kind, as mentioned on the donations-page.

      Send me the paypal transaction number and I will return your donation. Uh, and without a username, I can’t check anything really. There were no donations with your name. This smells like trolling ^^ Which makes sense, since we usually only ban people who are either not reading the rules or are trolling 🙂

      *quick update*
      I’ve checked, cause I can’t have this uncertainity. There was NO donation, you were banned for not reading the rules at all, you just got to the password, which you then shared with a friend. I will make your ban a lifetime one. We do not appreciate liars and hateful people 🙂

      So for all you guys out there, we are a good and nice server, IF YOU are a good and nice person who follows our very simple rules. This dude here was just pissed. He never donated, and is now trying to hurt us. Epic!

  25. Hi guys, Bacon here.

    I seem to be having timeout connection problem with 7d2d all of a sudden, so I’ll be offline until I’ve gotten it sorted. Don’t know what made it occur all of a sudden, but I be back asap.

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