Hey there ChraniManiacs and a big Hello o/ to all the people interested in joining!

So far, everything is going according to plan: We will have a nice server-reset on our Village People Server. 8pm CEST, everything is NEW!
I’m finalising the Biomes as we speak, just rendering this living world for hopefully the last time!!

We will be running the PhD Lights mod, which will let you craft all those fancy light fixtures

You’ll get two extra waters and an extra chilli with your starter-items, so you can head straight for the village without fear of dying 🙂

As our Village will be revitalised, our a19EXP server has reached it’s goal. It’s done. It’s gone.
We will not be opting into further EXP builds in this Alpha and only update for point-releases (19.x)

Hope to see you all tonight!