After about a 1000 days, we’ve finally decided to reset the map and make a new start.

Thanks to our faithful mods and admins, we prepared the map a bit, having a lobby and prison right from the get-go, to have an organized start *g*

This of course means again that all players will be starting in the same area, so do not expect to find any loot directly next to the lobby. You can find neighbors there and ask them, but looting: do it a bit further away and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

The start went semi-smooth, we’ve had troubles pre-rendering the map and only gotten to about 70%. Still, thats much better than 0%, so I am happy about that. Next time I will know that “it can take up to 20 hours dude” really means “it can take up to 20 hours dude”. So hoping it was exaggerated 🙂 It wasn’t.

Our bots reserved slots are not working. Yet again. That’s a massive bummer, since it’s one of the main reason we even use the bot 🙂 Protection of the Village also seems to be broken currently, we can’t activate our planned protected core. And we built a fence and everything… That’s life I suppose. Keeps it interesting.

Oh, and the bot seems to have forgotten about some donators as well. Contact me on usual channels if it happend to you ^^

Apart from that, we’ve had a good start so far.

Please ignore any player asking for passwords or how to leave the lobby. It’s all explained, written on the walls in fact. If they can’t grasp that simple mechanism, we don’t want them on our server. I wish I could automute new players until they leave the lobby 🙂

As always, read up on the rules (updated), make sure you understand them, jump in and join the fun.

And please don’t hammer the server with login requests when it is full. It won’t help anyone 🙂 And you might even get banned by the bot for trying do DOS the server *g*

Perhaps this is the right time to stretch a little, get some air, drink a glass of water! Always drink plenty, and not that sugary shit people seem to love so much. Water! We are mostly made of it, we need it. It’s great! Drink it.

Much love to all of you



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