Hello my fellow survivors and base-architects,

though this one was not as long-running than our previous maps, we’ve had great fun, a LOT of awesome builds, kewl people and a LOT of idiots and even grander idiots ^^

I am stumped of how many epic bases you guys have created in such a short time. Don’t believe me? Here’s PROOF: https://youtu.be/x_3_Jlzr3OA

We’ve had around 950 unique players on this run, about 450 of those didn’t make it out of the lobby. A very saddening ratio, but hey, this is the world we live in 🙂 So that lobby system works out well it seems, it might seem rude and unfair to some, but there’s other servers. Much better suited for these personalities I’m sure.

We will reset and wipe EVERYTHING on FRIDAY 8pm CEST (noon-ish for US-Central)

A lot of totally new players tried to join this time. This is a good thing of course, but it also raises some issues –

We love the new players with the right mindset. We love to answer questions and help them out. We have all started somewhere. Most of us in Singleplayer though, but todays teens and tweens don’t seem to be into all that ‘learning the bells and whistles first before joining the world’, which is sad – If you are a newbie AND willing to learn, you are most welcome.

If you are a newbie and ‘just want to play the game dude’, you can save your time and look somewhere else, since you will get banned for some idiotic move avoidable by reading the rules very quickly I’m sure.

We have to be hard on that front. A single player can wreck the entire server by accident and not even notice it. Without at least some basic knowledge or at least a mindset that is based on ‘research first, try later’, playing on a Multiplayer server will be a game of chance. With all other players bearing the risks.

If you are new, at least have the courtesy and read all the stuff on this website and rules. We do not ask for much. Some reading. Some understanding. Some restraint.

Anyhow, this rambling will stop now.

Hope to see you all on friday \o/