Hey there ChraniManiacs!

Keeping the spirit of being more active on the social channels of our community, I have decided to post another Sunday Update Log!

Here’s what happened these past few days:

The Atlantis project has advanced considerably. Almost a fifth of the entire foundation is built. Thanks to ChraniManiac PAPS and his block upgrading Skillz. Turns out that an hour of upgrading rebar frames can easily get you from lvl 58 to lvl 70ish. Great stuff. Well, it felt like an hour. Might have been longer. So easy to get carried away while upgrading. Just… one… more… row…

I’ve been collecting thoughts about redesigning our PvP Environment. Which isn’t used by anyone anyhow. So we are open to experiments, right?

I haven’t heard much from other players on the server. Or even seen many, so I have nothing to report on the communities activities. Everyone seems to be busy with life or something. Slaving away at work, caring for kids and all those other activities responsible adults are doing instead of playing silly games 🙂 I totally get that. Still hate it and miss you all!

A few people actually played on the Darkness Falls server. This had me thrilled 🙂

Here’s what will happen in the next few days:

I will probably spend most of my free time finishing the foundation of Atlantis. If I am lucky enough to find some help, I will also start outlining where the main towers should go.

Seeing that not much is happening, I can just as well conserve the current state in a nice Village Video. This depends on me having the gaming room for myself though, as I can’t really do commentary with my Partner doing Home-Office 🙂 We are saving up to build our own sound-proof booth in the Living room, but that is still ages away. So yeah, conditions have to be just right 🙂

Here’s what didn’t happen:

I did not find the time or motivation to finish the new District. Not that anyone would notice 🙂 Ask me again next Sunday ^^

Yeah, I didn’t even touch the bot this week. Shame on me.

Let me know what you think, let me know what you’d like to see next.

Hope you have enjoyed this update and to see you guys soon o/