Cementing the tradition of being more active on the social channels of our community, I have decided to post yet another Sunday Update Log!

Well, there isn’t much to say. Activity on the server has improved slightly, at least a few players are returning to act like normal human beings and are spending their time online!

Here’s what happened these past few days:

One of the biggest plusses: those few players were all helping out with the foundation of our Atlantis Project. It’s done. The foundation. Started on the central tower.
The game is absolutely not suited for a build as big as this one… View Distance is a REAL problem. Even though it shouldn’t be one.

I will provide a Video to show you guys exactly what I am talking about 🙂 Well, as soon as I have the recording room for myself.

I’ve started on the canal map, need to test out how those will look once rendered by the game. I’ll sacrifice a bit of the Wasteland near the starter-area for this. Well, I would, if it weren’t for the players currently hogging the playing on the server.

After finishing this Update, the server became empty ^^ So yeah, test was successful, have a look 🙂

Here’s what will happen in the next few days:

I will fix the broken outline of Atlantis Base. Some of the lines are abysmal. It wasn’t all that apparent until we’ve filled it all up.
The Canals Test will be integrated into the world. As soon as I catch the server empty that is!

Here’s what didn’t happen:

No Bot-Work. Seems like I’m in a coding-slump.
I haven’t recorded a new Village-Tour yet, but there is talk about a new format for it. It will be exciting!

Let me know what you think, let me know what you’d like to see next.

Hope you have enjoyed this update and to see you guys soon o/