Hello Chranimaniacs \o/

While I do not have the time to play often and also constantly forget to make the time to write stuff here, well, here’s an update for yesterday ^^

We did a proper wipe and started our Village People server fresh. Almost like always. This time however, I have put my new RAM to good use (thank you for the generous gift LadyAni) and fired up the Image-software to make our first handcrafted map. Since it’s my first real try at this, it might have “bugs” like weird water or spiky terrain. I really have no idea how that software works, so it took me a LOT of hours ^^

Please do report those on our discord, as this map will be refined, optimized and polished.
A test-version will be used on our Chrani-World rapid-reset server, always the latest iteration. Starting tonight!

Well, enjoy the server(s). Please let me know what you think, positive or negative – We are on a constant mission to improve and evolve 🙂
Hope to see you all soon <3