Hello crazy people \o/
I am sure you have already read it on the discord, but in case you did not:
We will we sporting a new world and map this coming Friday. The wipe will happen at about 3pm CET.
The game is still in it’s experimental cycle, yet we want to try to run a lasting map, allowing our chranimaniacs to start some bigger builds.
We will not be using the games world generator as that tends to create super-boring maps but instead a custom world riddled with cities, towns, rivers and lakes, mountains and plains!!! And tons of stand-alone POI’s for you to exploit ^^

There won’t be any significant bot-action there, we still want to see how the original game is progressing and playing, not getting too used to features that might now actually take away from the fun.


No porting, no home + pack for now. And no lobby either.
The bot will be back once the complete exp cycle is done 🙂 Well, If I’m done with the changes to it by then of course 🙂 Still need about 200 Patrons to quit my Day-job 🙂 🙂

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Much love,