It is that time again. After almost two months, our current map has come to an end. We’ve had a blast on this one, several impressive builds have been created, which We will showcase in a video in the next days.

We are looking forward to a full wipe and fresh start for everyone, a new map, new village location and hopefully a lot of returning players.

We will wipe the server on June 29th @ 8pm (CET) (around 2pm USA Eastern Time), the whitelist will still be in effect. We will carry our current whitelist over, you do need to re-read our servers rules again of course. Always stay up to date with our rules 🙂

We will lift the whitelist later today, right until the wipe, so we will have a chance to attract some new players. The chat might be a bit more active with people asking on how to leave the lobby. Just ignore them, they will be weeded out as soon as the whitelist is active again. We still only want people capable of reading on our server 🙂

Donations are at an all time low, so We would encourage everyone who can spare a few dollars to donate, or, if you can, support us on a regular basis on Patreon, which will also support the development of our own bot, which is nearing a state we can call ready for action.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again on the new shiny map \o/


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  1. Wipe is now in progress, map is being pre-rendered. Looking forward to see you all tomorrow 8pm CET <3

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