It’s that time of the year again, we are cleaning house, starting anew, beginning from scratch!

A new server is waiting for us to use the hell out of it. With five times the RAM and being a fully dedicated server this time, performance should be top of the line. I’ve worked on the management scripts, so this could finally be a smooth run… fingers crossed ^^

I will be able to open up the server at around 8pm Central European Time, that would make it early afternoon for the American Party: 1pm Central.

We will start on a brand new world, we’ll inhabit some nice plots between a plethora of cities, traders and other lootable areas!!

The rules-page will be revised until friday, so be sure to refresh your knowledge shortly before we start.

The bot on the current server will be shut-down on thursday, ready to start it’s duty on it’s new home. Address and further information will be made available shortly before the scheduled start

Can’t wait to see you all there