Hey, hey there ChraniManiacs \o/

The moment we have been waiting for for months is close at hand, nothing can hold us back now!

Finally a19Stable(ish) has been released.

so we will be rejuvenating the PvE Village People server for our new, long-term map.

Reset will happen on August 23rd at about 8pm CEST.
There’s always a chance for delays, you know. Technology and life and all that ^^

We will be running:
our very own Chrani-bot-tng (bot)
the magnificent PhD Better Lights (modlet)

If you have suggestions for more stuff/mods, please comment below or post in the #village-talk chat of our discord (ping ChraniECV)

Since my project to keep the old map hasn’t quite worked out (yet), we’ll be sporting a nice and cool new map.
I will need to have to write some more tools to port the map, I still believe it is possible 🙂

I have adjusted our bot for better security and comfort, will do a public test run tomorrow (Saturday) evening (CEST) if anyone is in the mood to jump in.

I personally can’t wait to get back into the game,
I hope to see you all there \o/

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  1. Looking forward to re-joining the village, finally back up and running after 9 months. Sounds like a good patch and kudos for all the efforts as usual ECV!

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