Yes! It’s that time again. This time a bit sudden, but seeing that almost nobody is playing anyhow, it won’t make MUCH of a difference.

What WILL make a difference is this: This rest is special in several ways. It might totally go wonkers. Beware ^^

To ease you into it, here’s the link to the Village Tour of the Village we’ve been building the past two months.

Reset will happen TODAY in the AFTERNOON (Central European Summer-Tim) No exact time due to unpredictable setup times and unexpected troubles with the bot ^^

We will trial-run the new bot I’m working on, it might be too early, but how else can we find out ^^ There will be totally different commands than before, you have to read up on them on:

You will also find the server information there: The Serverport has changed for this one, since I’m keeping the old map for now, I still want to save some of the builds there ^^

Always check the rules and stuff for updates!

This reset we are going to try something new:

Underground Village!!! Yes, you’ve heard that right. I’ll say it again anyhow: UNDERGROUND VILLAGE!!!!

As always, you can build whereever you want, we’d love to welcome you to our new Idea and Project.

BTW, if the bot goes wrong or isn’t sufficient yet, we’ll switch back to the other one. So no need to hurry in the beginning, there might be setbacks. See it is a Open Beta kind of thing 🙂

I would welcome any sort of issue and bug reports on gitHub regarding the bot.

Hope to see you all soon!!