Hey hey Guys,

I realize that it has been quiet on this blog. Not for lack of activity in the Chrani community mind you! I’m just extremely lazy rwhen it comes to social media. It’s on the very low end of my priority list ^^

Our current map is still going strong, people seem to be coming back out of their winter hibernation. A few builds are plopping up here and there.

Ani and I have been playing almost everyday too!

With the current player-count and activity, this map will last for quite a while still!
So wait no longer, join us and build something amazing 🙂

Seriously. Go and build something amazing. I need stuff for the video; For some reason, people are building outside of the village, WAY outside, so that stuff will not be viable for the video (“come on people, It’s a Village People Server, what do you expect???”). The Videos are called VILLAGE TOURS, not server expo or server tour or World tour or whatever 🙂
So get in line or get left out 🙂

Hope to see you soon