Ever now and again I have to look up biome colors.
And every time it’s a hassle.

Since I’m working on some nifty RWG tools and map generation stuffs, I needed to look them up once more. After 10 minutes of not finding them on the net, outdated forum posts, not-working image links or images so badly compressed that “white” had 15 different shades… and a lot of wrong information

Google isn’t what it once was anymore, the official forums got broken so that most old links wont work, and the games wiki has been useless for years now. What were they thinking, not making it version specific, overwriting all the previous efforts for older game-versions which still exist. So useless!!!


Here they are, all biome colors as of a19

Desert: #FFe477, rgb(255, 228, 119)
Wasteland: #FFA800, rgb(255, 168, 0)
Forest: #004000,  rgb(0, 64, 0)
Burned: #BA00FF, rgb(180, 0 255)
Snow: #FFFFFF, rgb(255, 255, 255)