You might have noticed a lot of things being adjusted or changed on

Yeah, well, the sun finally coming out, summer and all that on the horizon, I just can’t help it. I have to create, fiddle and alter 🙂

Since the chrani-world server isn’t really useful and in fact not being used at all, apart from me testing my bot on it… Yeah, it has to go.

I still want to try out some PvP server thing though. So I will write a module for the bot to accommodate that.
Well, first I will think about it, plan it, then write it *g*

Should be something like this (just some scribblings for me to revisit later):

round based: starting a new round when all players agree on a new round
without an active round, it’s just a standard PvP server ^^
players need to pick a team to be able to take part
players will be teleported to the teams starting area at the begin of a round
all players not in a team will be kicked when a round starts
killings will only count when a round is active (you can kill all day long, but you won’t get any points for it 🙂
nobody can join a server with an active round
all vital areas will be reset before a round starts

Just some thoughts on that. I’m sure there will be more. Feel free to drop ideas in the comments.

For starters, I’ve picked Australia and the UK, I (and hopefully a few other Chranimaniacs) will be modelling arenas and interesting stuff there. And there’s room for two more landmasses.
Each Landmass will have decent locations for epic fighting.

Deathmatch and Team-Deathmatch seem to be the only viable options without too much extra work.
Defend will follow soon enough, having to stay inside an area for a given time.

Anyhow, this will not happen this month, just wanted to include you early, in case you have (realistic) ideas and suggestions.

Well, that’s my current thoughts on this. Let’s see if we can create an interesting PvP environment