There seem to be a HUGE lack of knowledge about things that can break a 7dtd-Server 🙂

Due to the game being in (early) development, there’s a LOT of bugs. Some of them are funny, some of them annoying and some of them outright bad for everyone!

This page shall clear up some of the most common problems / bugs we have to deal with and how you can help to avoid them.

Some of the bugs we can control with banned items and similar mechanisms, we won’t explain those here. Some bugs however can not be controlled in an automatic way.

  • Tree-Farms
    Densely planted trees in large quantities will cause lag for all players in the area of those trees. As a rule of thumb, if you plant the trees in such a manner so that their crowns won’t touch each other when fully grown, you are fine and can plant as many as you like. Plant them closer together and you will attract attention of the mods and risk being banned.
    It looks horrible as well.
    Don’t do it! Proper spacing between trees is 10 blocks and more.
  • Building near a Trader
    We are not actually sure if it’s causing traders to break, but there are some strong indicators that this is the case. Please do not build a base next to a trader. If you have further information about this (with a references), please mention it in the comments <3
    We recommend to keep a distance of at least 160 blocks (10 chunks). Further away is always better. Additionally, we sometimes reset regions with traders on them if they break, so your base might get deleted. The 100% safe distance would be 512 blocks, as that will put you in another region for sure. There will be NO compensations for deleted bases near traders ^^
    Never place an LCB or use the protect command for your locations near a trader, you will be banned immediately on discovery.