Since the steam reviews are capped, I have to outsource and backup my review here. Saving it as a historical document 🙂


This game will rob you of your free-time, lunch-time, dinner-time and bed-time.

The good thing is, if you are good at it, you can do stuff in game-nights, cause your base is so secure 🙂 Managed to vacuum, and hang the washing yesterday while waiting out The Horde in my Underground Bunker. Haven’t yet succeeded in taking ten-minute power-naps.

I stopped building bunkers since the release of a15, you can actually live comfortably above ground now. Now with a16, who would live underground with that beautiful world outside???
(don’t get fooled by that years-old video of a11 or something in the games-media-section 🙂

I have reordered the reviews so that the most recent is on top now ^^ This review is getting too large, I’ll be moving the stuff about older versions to my website 🙂

Update Alpha 17.1:
Not completely finished yet, this iteration of the game leaves me with mixed feelings. Almost every system has been redone and changed. I highly enjoy the new graphics, they are much better than the murky a16 stuff.

The PoI quality and diversity has greatly improved. Arrows will now stick to stuff, whis is a very nice touch.

This update is pretty much for the arcade players, there are almost no new Building options, no new materials, blocks physics updates or working water. Also no updates to electricity.

This iteration seems to focus on mechanics. New skill tree with perk system, which I like. New stamina system which I dislike. New zombie behavior, which I find to be ridiculous. Digging and jumping. who came up with that idea. Traders are getting some love, there’s even a transgender one now. Trader quests are cool! Landclaims are pretty much useless, as you can only have one now. New weapons-system, which i really like. Modifications for weapons are a great addition.

New vehicles, which would be great, if they weren’t a HUGE source of bugs and associated grief. The Random World Generation is currently broken. You’ll get a random world yes. Flying houses that collapse at your gentle touch, sunken roads, some roller coaster roads in the mountains. Underground PoI spawning above ground. No more seas or mountains, just small ponds and a few hills. The list is endless. For all intents and purposes, RWG is broken.

I am close to a point to simply turn zombies off, they are still stupid, nothing but bullet sponges. There is no challenge olther than having enough ammo. None. The onlly thing that makes zombies dangerous is their sheer OPness. Their blockdamage with bare fists is much higher than for example a rocket-launcher. They take like 10 arrows to the head before going down, and that’s not even health-regenerating rad-zombies.

So the focus seems to shift from a “Building and Crafting game with zombies” towards a “Zombie Arcade with some elements of crafting and building, if you insist on it”

Still recommending this game. If this direction continues (less zombies but harder to kill, less focus on building stuff), I’ll probably sttop playing. There’s a ton of better Zombie Arcade Games and Shooters. What I want is a real nice Building and Survival game with some cool zombies in it ^^

Update Alpha 16.3:

Ryzen CPU to the rescue. I can finally play this game on max settings ^^

Alpha 16 hit the streets some time ago. They of course changed a LOT of stuff again. The building aspect of the game is much improved, you can paint stuff now, you have new blocks and more natural placement-options. There’s additional weapons, zombies and animals. A new skill-system is in place.

A new system to create cities in multiplayer-maps has been implemented. They are absolutely breathtaking. No more squares filled with houses but natural roads with houses here and there. Different types of district like residential. Also new houses like several skyscrapers. This is the most important change for me, together with the new distant PoI feature that let’s you see buildings in the far distance, it makes the game feel so much more ‘real’.

They have added electricity to the game, that still needs a lot of work in my opinion, placement and wiring of components could be much better, it’s a very nice addition though. Electrical lights, traps and sensors. Still waiting for electrical doors 🙂

Zombie AI is horrible in this version, they have lost their sense of smell and generally seem to have lost all intelligence. Also, there’s ‘sleeper zombies’ now which are placed inside houses and whatnot and only wake up if a player comes near. This together with the horrible respawn and missing zombie-ai is immersion breaking and diminishes the fun of looting buildings on my own 🙂

I’d call this update one for Builders, not for Hunters! Still the overall experience has been improved, specially due to the beautiful new cities and poi’s.

Update Alpha 15.2:

I have finally made it to Multiplayer. Opened up my own server because, why not. MY world, MY rules so to speak. After some initial encounters with PvP I’ve decided to make it 100% PvE. It’s just not fun for me building something only to have it destroyed by some lame-ass punk who thinks shooting you dead without any reason whatsoever is the way to go. Try to survive anything with that mindset for a while ^^

So, after adjusting the server-settings, things got interesting. It was a matter of hours until we’ve had a nice group of people together willing to build a village. Some left, some others joined. This game is extremely active. Now and again someone pops in with the intention of just destroying our stuff, but we’ve put a stop to that, the land-claiming and protection features works pretty well so far. Not sure if I will ever go back to the Single Player. I truly hope that the Fun Pimps will build on the community features, as they are a bit thin at the moment.

Update Alpha 15.1:

After playing on Alpha 15.1 for a few dozen hours, I am ready to revise my review. I haven’t encountered any serious bugs yet, apart from a Terain Glitch, which you can ‘fix’ with a Stone-Axe by hitting it, and a Drowning on Land Bug, which I haven’t really understood yet (a Bandana and being wet seems to be involved).

This game is getting better and better still. The Terrain is beginning to become very beautiful, as is the general atmosphere. a14 was a massive step forward, a15 even more so. There’s also a few new Building-Blocks and the Traders do add something to the game. I’m finding myself to make trading trips every few days, just to see if I can buy a nice sofa or other useless Junk to make my base look nice.

Zombies seem to be a bit easier to manage than in a14, which is a good thing, no more Seas of Spikes needed, a simple double row and some Barbed wire is totally sufficient if you are on active defending duty.

The most annoying thing at the moment is the after-horde-night-cleanup. It sometimes takes me the whole following days to loot the corpses, running back and forth from corpses to the chests.

After years of Civilization 4+5, then years of Guild Wars 2, it will now be years of 7DtD ^^

Update Alpha 15:

Alpha 15 heaved this game to a whole new level. My computer is not powerful enough to handle the updated graphics though, so I’ve had to play on pretty low settings to get decent performance. I write this to explain why I’m not playing it that much anymore, need a new CPU first… my outdated quadcore just ain’t good enough it seems 🙂

Update Alpha 14:

Alpha 14.7 is a great deal of fun and mostly free of game-breaking bugs, sans the few that are really really bad and will make you wanna kill the devs, but you’ll get over it by starting a new, better optimized base.

There is the occasional bug that destroys your Forge or makes a block indestructible and stuck at 0% integrity… in a very inconvenient place. You usually have to start a new game if such bugs occur. Since each game you start is unique and will grow on you, starting new can be extremely irritating.

If the Bug-Godess decides to let you feel her wrath, there’s nothing but a quick prayer (usually along the lines of ‘Damn, damn, damn’) and a restart. Since this is Alpha and Early Access, I have no problems with that. It’s amazing how important things become once you’ve planned them out and built them all by yourself.

Haven’t touched Online-Multiplayer yet. But I am beginning to feel comfortable enough in base building to take that Step 🙂

Really liking this game, building up the ‘hours played’ as proof!