This is a multi-part log of my efforts to to add an entirely new Island to a so far unused portion of our currently running long term map.

The map has been up for over 700 game days now, all is explored.
But we want more – And if possible, without deleting the rest.

So how does one go about editing an existing map and adding to it?

Took me a few days to get this right, but eventually, I figured it out. You can now follow my three part tutorial/log on how to edit your 7dtd worlds.

Think about entirely new map concepts. Like renewing a quarter each month, opening up areas every week. Take out that boring City and place an exciting new one there. The possibilities are almost endless

Table of Contents:

  1. Part 1 covers getting the world ready
  2. Part 2 deals with using nitrogen to generate POIs, cities and roads
  3. Part 3 handles the cleanup and integration into the current map



It has been great fun figuring this stuff out, here’s the direct comparison 🙂 (I messed up the second preview, just imagine all the cities and streets are there :))

We went from this boring map… …to this exciting map with an Island!!!


There is LOTs of room for enhancements and automation. I’m doing this once every few weeks, so I don’t mind. I’m not in the mood to get into scripting and more imagemagick or batch-scripting currently, but there’s a few things we could automate with that. Combining the splat3.png files for example, that could be done on the command line, I’m sure.

I’d also very much like to get rid of Nitrogen, as it is 100% closed source and we will be at the mercy of the dev to continue delivering updates. It might already be dead, seeing that no updates came forth in months, despite the fact that there are many bugs and UI shortcomings in the tool.

Personal Note: It’s a shame, making closed source software that’s not aimed to generate profit in the first place.
What secrets could one steal? What glamour would be taken away? Personal Achievement Diminished?

Looking forward to your thoughts and responses 🙂