Part 3 deals with Getting this thing back into the game

So we have created our new lands, put some stuff on there. If you have used nitrogen, you are basically done with editing and can skip to Prepare the server.

Manual edits will have to be adjusted in an extra step:

convert the heightmap back into raw format (this will unflip the image as we basically stream it backwards ^^)

stream -map r -storage-type short import_HM.png dtm.raw

Prepare the server:

Shut down the server

Delete the dtm.raw and dtm_processed.raw from your servers worlds folder

upload the newly generated dtm.raw

Upload the prefabs.xml, and all other files you’ve altered or Nitrogen generated.

The files displayed in the image would be the required minimum for a server to run.

Except for the genHM.png, import_HM.png, mask.png and previewMap.png, those would only be added to each players download without any use at all.


Remove all affected region files from your servers SaveGame-Directory. You can easily find those regions using allocs webmap and the regions grid.

If only a single pixel of a region is changed, the whole file must be deleted. This will remove every player built structure, so only do this on unused areas ^^

Start the server

You should see all your changes.

Possible problems:

You have antialiasing enabled in your graphics program and either the biomes or the mask file is not recognized. Never use antialiasing. Colors have to be solid and precise! The server will not start and post errors in the log!

You have accidentally flipped any of the files, or forgot to. You will have weird blocks everywhere, the land you walk on is right, but stuff in the distance keeps appearing and disappearing. Your biomes might be upside down. (north/south swapped).

Nothing has changed. everything looks the same 🙁 Yeah, you forgot to delete the region files. I’d say ^^

All the biomes look the same. It’s all forest grounds oO. This means you probably have messed up the splat3.png. How are the roads looking??

So, this is it. I hope you have enjoyed this “tutorial”. Please let me know if anything is unclear or wrong or whatever.

Looking forward to a few interesting maps, eh?

I might add more images to this, If it get’s any views at all.