Part 2 is dealing with adding Stuff to the existing map

I’ll be using GIMP for this, as it’s free to Download. So sorry to all you Photoshop artists ^^ You’ll have to kinda reconstruct the steps for yourself. Can’t afford the ridiculous Photoshop pricing policy for private folk.

So let’s start up gimp, open the dtm_original.png file.

We will import the following files as layers: the just created biomes.png, mask.png and splat3.png (and if you have it, a graphical representation of your current map / the nitrogen preview file, if you are starting from a custom map to begin with.) If you don’t have a mask.png yet, don’t worry, we will create one later.

We want to flip the mask.png to match the terrain.

I make a copy of the biomes layer and delete the green from it, then make it transparent. This way I can use it as an overlay. It could look like this now:

Isn’t that neat? This is your world! Make the most of it! Alter these files to your liking. Islands. biomes! Make sure you alter the actual biomes layer and make a new copy for preview. Or find a better way and tell me all about it 🙂

I will be doing just the island and biomes, for the town and trader, I will use Nitrogen. I will not be going into a tutorial on how to place prefabs manually and all that.

So let’s paint that island. And add some snow. Great!

Using Nitrogen as a road and city builder:

Create a mask layer that completely masks all old areas. Personally I select by color, click on any water area, then add all old areas, then and fill it blue (#0000FF) on the mask layer, then invert the selection and cut it out!

Important bit is that the area you want to work on with nitrogen is transparent. If you don’t properly mask your world, Nitrogen will use any free pixel to try to place as poi or road. So be extra careful here.

Pro Tip: Save your stuff in a new folder, always work on a copy 🙂

Start up Nitrogen, set your working folder with all the saved files up (map name = folder name). Set the correct size. Make sure you check use import_HM.png and mask.png. Start generating.

Nitrogen should recognize the mask and say something like “mask free pixel count: 2339623 blocked: 64769241” in the displayed log. Check on your preview that cities and roads have been created the way you want them! Try again for different results.

If it went well and your preview looks fine, you can

copy the contents of your original map to the newly generated one:

We now want to combine the splat3 files. To combine the roads from the old map with the newly generated part. I am pants at using software like this, there might be an easier way. If you happen to know one, let me know in the comments 🙂

Open the newly generated splat3.png as another image.

Go to the Channels tab and disable all but the Red channel. (might not be required)
Add the Red channel to the selection
Enable Quick Mask. (shift-q)
Copy the Quick Mask layer. (ctrl-c)

Go to the splat3 layer in our main file
Go to the Red channel
Enable Quick Mask (shift-q)
Select the Quick Mask layer
Paste the copied layer (ctrl-v)

Disable Quick Mask (shift-q)
Fill the now visible selection with Red

Now do the exact same with the green channel.

Enable both the red and green channel and create a new layer from visible, make the black background transparent. You can use this as an overlay for your own pleasure 🙂

You can remove the old splat3 layer now. Your stuff could resemble this. I’ve added my terrain and roads for show ^^:

When all your editing is done, flip the mask and original_dtm layers.

Export each layer to it’s respective original file, the original_dtm layer will be exported as import_HM.png, save the splat3 layer as splat3.png.

Copy the newly generated list of prefabs into your original prefabs.xml

Whats next?:

This should take care of the editing. Nitrogen has created a new dtm.raw already, and also flipped it for us.

Non-Nitrogen users, placing their stuff manually, will have to convert the file back to .raw themselves.

Let’s do that and finish this in the next post 🙂

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    1. So far it seems to work just fine. My main mission now is to find the most efficient workflow and to actually make some nice islands 🙂 🙂
      But yeah, the theory is sound!!

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