Part 1 deals with getting the Geography:

So lets get the current worldfile, shall we? Download dtm.raw from your current games world folder. It contains the heightmap information for the entire map, all mountains and stuff. Stored in a simple RAW format almost no tool can easily read, so lets put it into something more nice, yes?

I’ll be using imagemagick for this, as it is free and available on pretty much every platform imaginable.

convert -size 8192×8192 -depth 16 -flip GRAY:dtm.raw dtm_original.png

I believe Nitrogen has a tool for converting the raw file as well these days, but since it’s closed source, who knows if it will still be able tomorrow 🙂

Doing this on the server will massively reduce your download time, since the generated .png is just a fraction of the size of the raw file.

Assuming you have an 8k map, this is the way to go.

You will get a flipped version of your map (will be unflipped in a later step). Well you will actually get a normal version of your map, but Nitrogen requires a flipped one to work with. So yeah. Confusing, and the main source for errors.

Not there yet, but just as a reference:

the heightmap and mask need to be flipped
the biomes, radiation and splat3 files do not.

Don’t ask me why. But feel free to tell me in case you know. Comment below!

You can download and edit this file as you like, add stuff, remove things. Keep it Gray. Keep it the same size. Other than that, go nuts. Water level should be about #333. Everything above that will come out land and mountains. Unless you’ve modded that part of your game. We’ll be doing some editing in the next Step ^^

Keep in mind that you can only actually change stuff if you are able to delete the region files they will end up in.
So for my project, I have to delete all the regions my island would occupy. It’s all water, so there’s no trouble.

Well, we’ve got the files, what’s next?