You’ve made it through the first days of survival, perhaps already found a spot to live out your life, start your family, make history. Maybe you have even found the village.

As it is in every multiplayer environment, we have to take care of aspects and challenges a bunch of anonymous humans playing in the same world bring to our lives.

Thankfully, we have some tools at our disposal to combat the symptoms of civilization!

You can easily spot your admins and mods in chat, they boast a nice and warm red colour. Obey their commands!

You have found something not working right? A broken trader perhaps? (If it is one that’s near the village, it will probably immediately break again after a repair attempt, so it probably won’t do a thing to alert those.
Found a tree farm that lags the shit out of your gaming experience? Alert us to it. Found a base inside a city, blocking your exploring? Alert us!
Stand at the location of concern and type /alert <reason> in chat.
Some examples:
/alert Broken trader
/alert Base in the middle of the road
/alert Broken Airdrop

This is not for personal messages and We will lay down a 2 day ban minimum on every player using this ‘just to get our attention’. This is only for purposes of upkeeping the server-integrity. The alerts go to the server-owner, not a mod or regular player.

You will most likely get faster results by stating this stuff in the servers-discord

You can use the /status command to get some basic information about your bases on this map.

Type /day7 to see when the next horde-night will be.

a /pack will send you near the place where you have died last

a /whereami will print out some information about you and your immediate surroundings

Available only to mods and admins, it will be the last thing you will ever see on this server! Break the rules, act asocial (to a certain extreme), hurt the server in any way: You will get banned! Maybe for a day, maybe forever, depending on the mood of the human being that caught you and the enormity of your offense 🙂
The Ban-hammer! :
/ban <player> time <1 day|3 days|1 year> reason ‘reason’ (single quotes).

Make sure you have read our server-rules to avoid causing work for our mods and admins!

There are also some things to just never do on any 7dtd server as they affect the whole server and all players on it: Big No-No’s on any 7dtd server