Hey there. ecv here.

I hope this post reaches you all in good health and in good wealth as well 🙂

You might have heard of me, even though I’m rarely able to play these days. I’m ecv, hoster and manager of all things chrani.net.

You might also have realized that we are a tight and friendly community with lots of veteran players and a few new ones joining the group now and again. If they can get through the bot’s authentication process 🙂

What many people will not know is that many of those veterans are helping to keep this server running via donations.

We have a yearly server-cost of 552€ plus about 20€ for the chrani.net domain and another 106€ for the development tools used to create the bot. That’s about 689€ or $750 a year. Yes, I know, it sounds expensive. But we are not using a simple share-hoster that goes to it’s knees whenever someone turns on a light on the server. It’s a real world, 100% exclusive root server.

On average, about half of the yearly server cost is covered by donations, the rest comes out of my own pocket, unless one of our veterans has a generous itch and sends over enough to sustain us for like a few months extra, which has happened in the past.

If it’s $5 or $250, every bit counts. Every little bit helps keeping the server (and my morale) up. ANY Help is appreciated, regular donations are of course preferred. I have a very low income myself, less than 250€ a month, half of which is going into my healthcare, so this is very heavy on me without your support! I’d rather gnaw of my own leg than giving up this server-experience.

If you are a minor, are still going to school, or are poor as frog: Keep your money, I don’t want it!

What I am saying is, if you can afford it, send over some money.

Much love to you all, donator or not. Great to have you.
Feel free to keep any spelling mistakes you have found.