Hey there

I have decided to rename our great Website from Chrani Gameserver to Chrani Community-Server. You might wonder why ^^

Well, since the beginning, I always had this feeling that the gaming part of this experience is just that, only a part. I have developed a deep affection towards many of our members. We have grown together, we have learned together, and we have been through good and bad times. We are more than just simple Gamers playing on the same server.

Many of us have been playing together for over a year, and were it not for the massive geographical boundaries, I am absolutely positive that we would be able to create true friendships and would spend a hell of a lot of time together.

Running this server has been a truly rewarding experience. Exhausting too. And interesting. Inspiring. Motivational.

So there you have it. We are a true community, not just a bunch of gamers.

So from now on we shall be known as the Chrani Comunity-Server ^^

One Reply to “I’ve renamed this little thing ^^”

  1. I emphatically agree. We the staff and many members, as you stated, have a blast together, make each other laugh, express friendship on the levels of concern, support, and positivity all around. I know for a fact that you as the admin and me as a mod is minor in comparison of how much fun we’d have in real life if we just lived a bit closer to each other. Hehehe. Thanks for posting this one boss. We love you.

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