About a year ago I have decided to try out the multiplayer-mode in 7dtd. Thinking that I’d probably be very uncomfortable in any PvP environment and fearing that my beloved progress might get lost if the server owner would throw the towel, I have decided right from the start that I wanted to host my own server. They are cheap enough I thought. Eight slots hosted by gameservers.com for ten bucks didn’t feel so bad really.

I could get my girlfriend, LadyAni, to play the game as well (didn’t take much) and in the beginning, it usually was just us playing. Sometimes another player would pop their head in and then leave again. Soon, we felt that we wanted more. More people, more fun (more problems). Want to know about our origins? Read on in our little server story.

Well. That was one year ago.

We now boast our own dedicated server, hexacore CPU, 12 gigs of ram, lots of power, 24 player-slots. The cost slightly rose to about eighty bucks, but what the hell. Most of the cost, if not all, is currently carried by our awesome community.

Starting this server has been the best move in my recent gaming life, only surpassed by my Guild Wars 2 Guild: Evolution of Loneliness. We managed to have several real life meetings with them already. Maybe, one day, I can visit my extended 7dtd family as well. A bit more complicated since we are scattered all over the world… but who knows 🙂

I hope you enjoy our server as much I do, I will always do my best to keep this thing active and a place you’d like to be in.

I am ecv, server-admin and zombie-aficionado. I will try to maintain this blog to tell you a bit about myself, about the evolution of our server and where it is going to be in the future.

I thank you all for your interest, help and continued support towards this server and myself. This really feels like one big family at times.

I love you all