So after being almost done with the main floor, the thought of Structures occurred to me.

Ready to sift through screenshots of the show to find the right angles and views to determine placement, I thought to myself: Wait, this is a highly popular TV-Show with a fanbase almost as mad as Star Treks. There has got to be a model available out there.

And yeah, I found the Atlantis model on the MakerBot thingy website.

Nothing is going to stop me now 🙂

This base will definitely kill the games Engine and it might be a good future benchmark for optimizations.

Since the base will consist only of standard concrete blocks, It should be possible to transfer it to new alpha versions. But yeah, can’t promise that of course. But I strongly feel that this project will last a few months or even years ^^

Well, let me know what you think about this in the comments.

You go and have a nice day now, yeah? Cool!

See Ya 😉