My efforts in creating a basic bot-model is taking shape.

I’ve got a first prototype done that has an extendible basis and is fairly easy to grasp I’d say, thanks to my limited knowledge of python no doubt 🙂 First test with higher latencies (ping of 120+) was promising, Managing a server over the atlantic seems to work out with plenty of room to spare.

I have decided to work in a closed repository for now, contact me with your GitHub account-name if you want to help out with the coding and bug-hunting.

I’ll be setting up a test-server soon, so stay tuned 🙂

A test-server is up now. The bot will probably be crashing  or not runnig if you try to log in ^^ if it IS running, you’ll be ported to the ‘lobby’. Feel free to test it out.

enter the password with

/password openup
authenticates the player for more commands and let’s you leave the lobby. it should in fact port you back to your original spawn

/password whatever
removes authentification and treats you like a new player again!

/make this my home
sets the center of your home (a perfect sphere)

/my estate ends here
sets the outer radius of your home.

/take me home
totally takes you home!

If you are NOT greeted after logging in, the but is most likely not running at all ^^ Try again later 🙂

more will come soon(ish)