This page is a work in progress and not complete in any way! Feel free to comment. All appropriate comments will be cleared for the public. If you want to discuss something, do it ON DISCORD

There has been confusion on what bannable offenses are on this server, even between the mod and that admin guy. Best way to destroy confusion is to create clarification. What better way to do this than lists? Yes, an Excel-Table, they are perfect for everything. But still. I like lists. So here they are (for now unordered):

Offenses against the integrity of the staff, since without them, we’d be toast, untoasted. With frozen butter. Try to spread that. You can’t:

  • No hate speech or trolling will be tolerated
  • Do not interrupt a mod or admin when they are trying to clear a new player.
    If you have objections on how a mod conducts their business, feel free to start a discussion on discord so ALL can participate. Be democratic, or get lost.
    The interrupting player(s) will be banned for up to one day.
  • Do not criticize a Mod or Admin in game-chat.
    If you feel a mod or admin isn’t doing their job right, hop on Discord and raise the issue there. We take this shit seriously and everything will be pondered and discussed. We constantly ponder and discuss!
    Up to three days of banishment are appropriate for extreme cases.
  • NEVER get aggressive or insulting against a mod or admin in game-chat, even if they started it.
    Raise your issues with our staff on discord or get banned forever. Never react on the same level to anything.
    A lifetime ban will be issued if you get aggressive or insulting in game-chat.


You might have noticed a pattern here. If you have problems USE DISCORD to solve them. Do not clutter the game-chat, unless asked to by a mod or admin.