It happened again.

After losing over a year of work to the demise of Coppis-Mod a few years back, our beloved Bad Company Manager mod has gone belly-up.
The developer hasn’t got time or ability to continue and has decided to not release the Source-code.

It’s a common problem with monolithic projects done by a single person. At some point, they give up, find other interests, any reason really. Point is, projects die. And sometimes, their creators takes them with them. Again, for whatever reason. Other programmers asking rudely, not enough interest posted, not asking nicely enough.

Anyhow, the Project is dead and discontinued. The Dev is said to be working on a new opensource project with some of the same features, but how could that be of any help what, with a guy who would rather delete a project, instead of simply not giving a duck and throwing it out there. The BCM was opensource as well, until he decided it’s not anymore. So no, never again.

(I’ve asked one of the fun pimps to include the few commands from that mod that we are using into the server-fixes. He’d be willing, but hasn’t decided yet.)

Soo, coming a20, we won’t have a functional bot anymore, unless someone comes up with a REAL open source project for the community until then. And not just a one-guy-does-it-all project, as they tend to be closed down without regard to anyone out there it seems.

Can someone explain this behavior to me? 🙂 🙂

Let’s hope for the best people!