Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our community server.

We are a small group who sporadically enjoy gaming now and again.

We’ve been at this in an organized fashion since November 2016, been through thin, thick, and thin again. We’ve learned one thing:
This server is not going anywhere, you can come back after two years and still be sure to find a few familiar faces and someone remembering you 🙂

All we require from you is that

1: you can read sentences written in the English language (you should be good if you’ve made it here)
2: you are an adult or able to fake being one
3: you are patient when it comes to bugs in the bot, mod, or map
4: you are willing to join our Discord, all announcements and communication will happen there

What we are looking for: A group of respectful PvE players who enjoy building near each other and working together collectively so that all are safe and capable of having lots of fun.

What we don’t want: People who don’t want to follow the rules or don’t enjoy a co-op mentality. We won’t encourage separated communities. You are welcome to build as a nomad, but we’d love to have you in the village! We encourage trading between survivors.

Please check our Discord Channel before contacting us if something is not working. While we are social, we are not technical support. Feel free to ask there for help from anyone. We have a general rule to help with what we can when we can, within reason.

We are usually on top of every problem as soon as we are able 🙂 Depending on your time zone, ecv probably won’t answer chat messages as he resides in Europe/Germany. If it is server related, please start a discussion on Discord so others have the opportunity to help out as well. If you get a command bug or glitch, put it under bugs, general questions that aren’t answered here in general. You will get much faster results; we ARE a community 🙂


We currently have one main server, the PVE Village People

Whenever a new Alpha goes into public testing, we will also have a server for that, the PvE aXX EXPerience.

Each server might have a different set of rules and game modes, so read the short description before entering 🙂

PvE Village People

You must join the Discord Channel for this one!

This server will only wipe for new Alphas, unfixable map bugs, or popular demand.

A place for BIG and LONG-TERM projects 🙂

Server:, Port: 27000, location: Germany, language: English

Chrani Community Discord

Europeans can expect a ping of 5 to 30, Americans about 60 to 100(ish).

Join Our Discord to participate in server talk and receive notifications about updates and important stuff. Our Chrani-Community YouTube channel for all the latest Videos!

This server is not just a place to play games:

You can also participate in creating new tools for the game and its community. We are using our own self-made and open source server-bot, our own self-made and open source server-mod, and are developing our own self-made and open source map-generator. Feel free to jump in on any of these three projects and send me drafts and Ideas for the bot, mod, or map generator.